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Depression & Stress Spiraling

Depression & Stress Spiraling

Depression and Stress Spiraling

Depression is a mental illness with a multi-faceted causes and multi-faceted impacts on an individual’s life. It robs sufferers of their quality of life, their engagement with their potential in the present and the future. The ripple effect often extends to impact the lives of those around them. In recent years, the world has witnessed an alarming increase in the prevalence of depression and stress. These have reached record levels across all continents.

This escalating mental health crisis has profound implications for individuals, communities, and societies as a whole. From the developed to the developing nations, no corner of the globe seems to be immune to this pervasive issue. It is an increasingly prolific concern globally. The World Health Organisation listing it as a leading cause of disability affecting over 300 million individuals.

Social Media & Pandemics

The modern age has brought with it an array of technological advancements. While improving our lives in many ways, these have also contributed to heightened stress levels. The advent of social media and the 24/7 news cycle have exposed people to an overwhelming amount of information. This often leads to anxiety and a constant state of alertness. This digital age has also blurred the lines between work and personal life. The resulting makes it difficult for individuals to switch off and relax, further exacerbating stress levels. And this was the case even before the COVID pandemic and the impact and underlying implications it still has on our lives. And not to mention the ever constant elephant in the room, global warming.

All of this can feel extremely overwhelming. Due in part because much of the stress inducing issues and events at societal level and beyond are largely out of our immediate control. Whether it be worrying why your neighbour didn’t return your wave this morning, or hearing about the next predicted pandemic. The energy used worrying about that which is outside our control can be directed instead to factors that we do have control over. These include the fuel or nutrition we choose to power our bodies. What choices we make for the health of our bodies and minds. What bad habits we break versus the good ones we make. Our mindset or the lens we choose to view our life through even down to moment by moment, is a critical influencing factor.

Healthy Choices

We have the freedom to make these choices and the power to do so. Healthy, constructive and mindful choices support our resilience to stress. Engaging in regular physical activity, daily mindfulness, and having meaningful connections with others can help build resilience. It also helps us cope with stressors outside of our control, as well as a reduction in the stress we create for ourselves, or our perception of it.

The Vitality Project team are committed to teaching people the importance of brain health. It's a key factor behind mental wellbeing, vitality and overall freedom. We aspire to beat this crisis and create a healthier and more resilient world for all. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and together, we can overcome these challenges and build a brighter future.

Your journey for mental wellness has already started.


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